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Asia STEAM Camp

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This Camp is a collaborative enterprise of our Winstars Workshop with Japanese schools. The camping activities will be organized in Japanese schools during the summer time every year

We aim to promote STEM education in asian countries and areas, particularly in Hong Kong , Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and the Mainland China etc.

By participating our camping activities, the school management, teachers as well as students can have an exchange of the innovative ideas about learning and teaching STEM. We are not only able to learn from our Asian counterparts, but also have our input in the asian STEM education.

2017 Asia STEAM Camp / RoboSTEAM 日本交流

2017 日本交流比賽活動片段重溫

Day 1- 飛行工作坊精華片段

Day 2- RoboSTEAM 比賽精華片段

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